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MONDAYS,  JUNE 19, 26, JULY 10, 17, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM, MITPP, 2017 Summer Institute presents: THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF PSYCHOANALYSIS BEYOND PLURALISM                   
Instructor: Arnold Richards, MD

Dr. Richards will draw on his life experience to show how he moved from his training as an orthodox Freudian, to one who values modern conflict theory and dialogue with those who work differently.  Dr. Richards has been a seminal figure in opening the field of psychoanalysis/psychoanalytic psychotherapy, bringing parties from different “schools” into dialogue.  In this mini-course, participants will learn how development beyond (while respecting) tradition toward creativity, and openness has enriched our clinical work, collegial relationships and our field itself.  Dr. Richards will share how his training at The New York Psychoanalytic institute, his ten years as editor of The Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association and his "growing up orthodox," psychoanalytically, led to his making an ecumenical turn and transforming him from a classical Freudian ego psychologist to one who is receptive to other ways and committed to demystification.  Readings will be emailed to participants in advance.
Participants will: have a good idea about the various psychoanalytic approaches to the theory and practice, learn about modern conflict theory and how it relates and develops from ego psychology, learn about the various thought models in psychoanalysis and how they relate to each other.
6 Contact Hours                       
FEE: $100
200 East 89th Street, #45B/C (between 2nd & 3rd Avenues), New York, NY
Email: mitppnyc@aol.com

Saturday, July 8-12, 2017, FERENCZI IN FIRENZE, Florence, ITALy

Ferenczi in Firenze is a Summer Course organized in collaboration with the Ferenczi House in Budapest which will combine the pleasure of a vacation in Tuscany and the chance to study Sándor Ferenczi’s contributions to psychoanalysis.

The course will take place in the same venue where the next International Sándor Ferenczi conference (Florence, May 3-6, 2018) is scheduled to meet, an ancient 14th-century Hospital which has been transformed into a hotel and meeting center (http://www.calza.it/en/home.html).

The course is for about 20 clinicians and includes:
•     Five seminars
•     Two art tours of the city of Florence
•     A Florence food tour
•     A social dinner
•     Hotel accommodation at the Convitto La Calza

Participants will  receive  in  advance  a  suggested bibliography for each seminar.

Saturday July 8, 9am-1pm
Ferenczi's Key Concept of Identification with the Aggressor

Sunday July 9,  9am-1pm
A Generative Dyad: The Interaction of the Personal and the Theoretical in the Freud-Ferenczi Relationship

Monday July 10, 9am-1pm
Trauma and Resilience: How Ferenczi's New Approach Influenced Psychoanalysis

Tuesday July 11, 9am-1pm
The Resurrection of Elizabeth Severn: Ferenczi's Analysand and Mutual Analytic Partner

Wednesday July 12, 9am-1pm
Resilience after Massive Trauma, or How do We Counter the End of Civilization?

The Director of the course is Carlo Bonomi.

Applications (name, affiliation, and a short professional CV) should be sent to ferencziinfirenze@gmail.com

Registration https://www.sandorferenczi.org/summer-course- ferenczi-in-firenze/.


SATURDAY, JULY 15, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM, MITPP, 2017 Summer Institute presents:  WHAT DO I DO WITH A KID? INTRODUCTION TO CHILD THERAPY
Instructor: Jill Bellinson, Ph.D.
Children are difficult to engage in treatment, since they come because their parents and teachers require them to, rather than because they experience their own difficulties in living. They don't talk -- they shrug, or pout, or grunt one-syllable answers -- and they act out rather than seek insight. This workshop will present ways to connect to children who appear for treatment, develop a productive alliance with them, and work with their actions and play to do the therapeutic work they need. Case material from students will be welcome, and many examples will be offered by the instructor.  Participants will be able to: describe children's non-verbal communication methods, apply child treatment principles in child intake sessions, provide effective therapeutic work with children using the metaphor of play.                                                 
3 Contact Hours       
FEE: $50
229 West 71st Street  (top floor walk-up, West of Broadway), New York, NY
Email: mitppnyc@aol.com

Instructor: Iris Hellner, Ph.D.

While adolescent psychotherapy can be demanding for many reasons, clinicians often find the work with parents to be particularly challenging. After a brief overview of basic tenets and techniques in working with parents of adolescents, this workshop will focus on some challenging dynamics and scenarios that can occur.  We will discuss when parents’ complicated feelings about their adolescent interferes with their child’s development or treatment (e.g. over-identifications, enmeshment) and how to work with parents’ ambivalence about the therapy itself (e.g. envy, jealousy, and when a parent’s treatment goals are at odds with the adolescent’s). How to respond to a parent’s own struggles or mental illness (e.g. anxiety, depression, trauma history) and challenges to the frame and boundaries (e.g. working with parents who are in acrimonious states with each other or with the clinician, those who test the limits of confidentiality, and those who contact the clinician either too often or too rarely) will also be discussed. If time permits, participants will be invited to bring in clinical anecdotes for discussion. Participants will:
gain an understanding of the rationale and technique for engaging parents in adolescent psychotherapy, understand factors that make working with parents in adolescent treatment challenging, such as parental enmeshment, ambivalence and hostility, conceptualize ways to work with and move beyond these difficult dynamics in order to facilitate adolescent development and treatment.
3 Contact Hours      
FEE: $50
10 West 86th Street, #1A, New York, NY
Email: mitppnyc@aol.com


September 2017 – May 2018, Toronto Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis, ESSENTIALS OF PSYCHOANALYSIS
A 30-Session Certificate Program

This program is for those desiring to learn the basic principles and applications of psychoanalysis. This program will also help prepare those interested in applying to the four-year Psychoanalytic Training Program at the Toronto Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis who do not have training in psychoanalytic therapy.  Applications are due MAY 31,2017.

The program consists of weekly two-hour seminars covering the following topics:
Introduction to the Psychoanalytic Frame of Reference
Analytic Attitude Analytic Listening Character
Concepts of Development
Contemporary Perspectives on Psychopathology
Motivations and Drives Subjectivity and and The Self Object Relations
The Unconscious I: Primary Process and the Internal The Unconscious II: Dissociation and the Relational Concepts of Change
Empathy and Mentalization Transference Countertransference
Psychoanalytic Interventions

The final eight seminars will be devoted to case presentations and will be led by senior clinicians. Class members working in a psychoanalytically informed way will have the opportunity to present cases and clinical process will be discussed.

Calendar 2017 – 2018: Classes will be held on Tuesdays, 7:00 - 9:00 PM, at the University of Toronto (room TBA) from September 2017 through to May 2018.

FOR MORE INFORMATION:   w w w . t i c p . o n . c a     |    4 1 6 . 2 8 8 . 8 0 6 0    |    i n f o @ t i c p . o n . c a


SAVE THE DATE! November 9 - 11, 2017 - IFPE's 28th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference, Time, will be held at Lago Mar Resort, Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Save the Date! November 17 - 19, 2017 - ISPS-US 16th Annual Meeting - Portland, Oregon. www.isps-us.org



May 3 - 6, 2018, 13th International Sándor Ferenczi Conference, Ferenczi in Our Time and A Renaissance of Psychoanalysis, Florence, Italy