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Saturday, September 14, 2019, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. , TICP presents: Oedipus Wrecks: Infidelity as Manic Defense, Shelley Nathans, Ph.D.
Location: Innis Town Hall Theatre, University of Toronto, 2 Sussex Ave., Toronto, ON, M5S 1J5
About the Day
The paths leading to infidelity in a couple’s relationship are manifold and diverse; there is no singular cause, no simple, linear route.
Using a contemporary Kleinian framework, Shelley Nathans, Ph.D. will present her ideas on the theory and technique of working with couples struggling with infidelity. 
Morning Address:  Infidelity as Manic Defense
The paths leading to infidelity in a couple’s relationship are manifold and diverse; there is no singular cause, no simple, linear route. Using a contemporary Kleinian framework, Dr. Nathans will present her paper in which she describes some of the important theoretical issues relevant to understanding affairs. 
Afternoon Address: Frozen loss and failure to mourn: A discussion and screening of an edited version of the film “45 Years”.
The theme of loss and mourning in the life of the couple will continue through the viewing of a short, edited version of the 2015, Andrew Haigh film, 45 Years. This will be followed by Dr. Nathans' commentary on the dynamics of the couple portrayed in the film and a subsequent hour-long audience discussion.
For more information please visit www.ticp.on.ca or call TICP directly at 416.288.8060, or email info@ticp.on.ca


Thursday, October 17 - 19, 2019, IFPE presents BORDERS, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Psychoanalysis has always been interested in borders. We explore the space between consciousness and unconsciousness; the self and other; id, ego, and superego; phantasy and reality; psyche and soma; inside and outside; the individual, the family and the collective. We recognize both the salutary aspects of borders as when we talk about separation and individuation and the more threatening ones as in cases of traumatic violation. The consultation room can be thought of as another border where questions of boundaries and crossing of lines are played out.

In this conference we invite you to use a broad psychoanalytic lens through multiple registers, including the office space, body, geography, media, politics and art. http://www.ifpe.org/2019-ifpe-conference

Friday - Sunday, November 1-3, 2019-ISPS-US 18th Annual Meeting: Psychosis, Citizenship, and Belonging: Forging Pathways toward Inclusion and Healing
New Haven, CT
Omni New Haven Hotel at Yale

About the Meeting
Psychosis is often described as a departure from consensual reality. But who provides the consensus? When our experiences are not validated by those closest to us and are discounted by institutions, our very status as citizens in the communities to which we belong is threatened. Citizenship is not limited to legal status, but includes participation in a world that encompasses acceptance, community integration, and the work of personal and social recovery. Indeed, full membership in society, according to Michael Rowe, Yale Professor of Psychiatry, encompasses the “5 Rs” of Citizenship: Rights, Responsibilities, Roles, Resources, and Relationships, accompanied by a sense of belonging. Yet those experiencing psychosis are often excluded from the 5 Rs, and more. Psychosis is one way in which the mind and spirit respond to feelings of powerlessness, danger, and fear. These feelings are often born of trauma, abuse, discrimination, alienation, and isolation. When disbelieved, and then fed by shame and guilt, they can grow to destructive proportions.