Founded in 1991, the International Forum for Psychoanalytic Education is an inclusive organization. Membership is open to anyone with a self-defined interest in psychoanalysis. IFPE recognizes that contemporary psychoanalysis has many faces and varying discourses: clinical, academic, historic, artistic, literary, scientific, philosophical, experiential, and more.

The essence of IFPE is its function as a forum, a home for thinking, characterized by a willingness to engage with both ideas and experience. IFPE maintains a conference space free of the restrictions imposed by certification and accreditation standards. This freedom encourages discussions that mutually broaden our dialogue with other perspectives and other disciplines, and that expand the social and cultural understanding and applications of psychoanalysis. The value of open discourse is reflected in every aspect of IFPE as an organization: in our governance structure; in our past and present e-journals, Other/Wise and Otherwise/ Uncut; and in our annual interdisciplinary conferences.  IFPE seeks to generate an alive space, resonant with psychoanalytic inquiry, in which each person can evolve.

IFPE believes that through psychoanalytic work we serve to keep alive the flame of humanitarian decency and respect for others.

                                                                                                                                                                 Revised and adopted consensually by the Board April 22, 2017


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