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TIME:  10:00 AM - 1:00 PM, Breakfast at 9:30 AM
LOCATION: The Metropolitan Center for Mental Health  
         1090 St. Nicholas Avenue (located on West 165th Street
         between St. Nicholas and Amsterdam Avenues, downstairs
         level next to Church Santa Rosa de Lima)

FEE:  $50 includes refreshments
         $30 Student Fee (includes refreshments), with proof of student status
         On site registration: $60 or $40 (students with proof of student status)
No fee to MCMH staff.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS March 14, 2019. On-site registration fee applies after that date.

(212) 496-2858          info@mitpp.org

Psychoanalytic scholars have increasingly addressed the unconscious dynamics involved in racial prejudice. Unsurprisingly, the subjects of this work are frequently persons whose personalities (or parts thereof) are understood to be categorically racist. Following the results of the 2016 election, however, many Americans were confronted by the capacity seemingly non-racist individuals have to endorse racist and sexist aggression in a political leadership. Psychoanalytic ideas may offer tools necessary for understanding the psychic contradictions involved that allow groups and individuals to actively and simultaneously use racist, non-racist and anti-racist logic. In order to disrupt the political and economic oppressive purposes racism serves, the unconscious ubiquity of racial fantasies need sufficient attention.

This interactive workshop will demonstrate how psychoanalytic theories can be used to identify unconscious processes that undergird constructions of racial difference. Dr. Reynoso will challenge the method of pursuing racial hate in the mind of “the racist.” He will argue that we must look to those we may least expect, including ourselves, to begin to comprehensively examine racist states of mind at the individual and group levels. To do so, he will draw on his clinical work with children, politically-progressive individuals and persons of color to conceptualize the ubiquity of unconscious organizing principles based on racial othering. Dr. Reynoso will reflect on encountering his own racist state of mind, as a clinician of color, within a psychoanalytic treatment. Non-clinical examples will also be provided to highlight the unconscious pervasiveness of group racism at the societal level. A variety of psychoanalytic approaches will be used (Oedipal thinking, object relations models, group theories, Lacanian ideas) to consider the pragmatic efficiency of racist states of mind to express aggression, perform defensive functions and structure modes of enjoyment. Clinical contributions from participants are welcome.

Saturday, March 23rd, 2019 (9:30am - 4:30 pm) 2019 ORI’s Annual Conference, The Therapeutic Action of Erotic Transference and Object Relations View of Clinical Experience    (6CEUs)

Where: St. John’s University, Manhattan Campus, 101 Astor Place, NYC, 10003
 will be offered via gotomeeting platform/ minimal tech requirements

Keynote speaker: Susan Kavaler-Adler, PhD, ABPP, DLitt, NCPsyA
Discussants: Margaret Yard, PhD, APRN and Stephanie Teitelbaum, LCSW-R, NCPsyA
Moderator: Eva Papiasvili, PhD, ABPP

For full information, visit http://www.orinyc.org/conf.html

For conference schedule, registration, fees,  discounts, and CEU related information, please visit http://www.orinyc.org/conf.html  and/or contact ORI administrator at adminorinyc@gmail.com or 646-522-1056. 


Sunday, April 28, 2019, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m., Institute for Expressive Analysis, Annual Open House
Greenwich House, 27 Barrow Street 4th Floor, New York, New York 10013, Accessible Facility

Faculty Speaker: Janet Sullivan LP, LCAT, graduate, faculty member and board member of the Institute for Expressive Analysis and a musician
Student Speaker: Ari Amir

Light Refreshments will be served.  This event is free. Advanced registration is required.

Visit our website to reserve your space online, or email events@ieanyc.org.

 The Institute for Expressive Analysis


WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, 19, 26, July 10  8:00 PM – 9:30 PM, MITPP 2019 Summer Institute presents: PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAUMA:  CLINICAL THEORY AND PRACTICE, Instructor: Linda Jaffe Caplan, Ph.D.
6 Contact Hours  
FEE: $135
155 West 71st Street, #1D (between Broadway & Columbus Avenues)
info@mitpp.org     Website: www.MITPP.org

This 4-week case seminar will explore Psychological Trauma, clinical theory and practice from a psychodynamic perspective.  Special areas of exploration will focus on the effects of cumulative trauma, early onset trauma, PTSD and intergenerational transmission of trauma. While relevant readings will be assigned (historical and contemporary), the focus of each class will be on the clinical treatment of patients. Participants will be encouraged to bring into class on-going clinical material.  The discussion and integration of case material (participants andinstructor's) will be paramount.  Participants will become more familiar with basic tenets of trauma from a psychoanalytic perspective and their applications to clinical work with seminal writings in psychoanalysis on trauma as well as more contemporary contributions, and will gain greater facility working with patients who present with trauma, from a psychoanalytic framework. 


THURSDAY, JUNE 13, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM, MITPP 2019 Summer Institute presents: IN THE BEGINNING - WHAT WE LISTEN FOR IN THE INITIAL CONSULTATION, Instructor: Hadassah Ramin, LCSW
2 Contact Hours  
FEE: $50
675 West End Avenue, #1A (between 92nd& 93rdStreets
info@mitpp.org     Website: www.MITPP.org

The initial consultation is the stage on which the patient presents us with the cast of his/her internal object world.  With the help of clinical vignettes the instructor will demonstrate how she listens to decipher deeper symbolic meaning hidden in the manifest content. She will also demonstrate how such deeper understanding facilitates the therapist’s capacity to formulate interventions that will be accessible and useful to the patient.  Clinical material with theoretical background will be provided and participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own clinical vignettes for discussion.  Participants will: understand the difference between hearing and listening; be sensitized to the value of non verbal communication, and learn the value of reliance on counter-transference as a tool to deepen the therapist’s understanding of the patient’s relationship with his/her internal objects.


SATURDAY, JUNE 15, 9:00 AM – Noon, MITPP 2019 Summer Institute presents: SHOPPING ADDICTIONS: BEYOND THE PRIMAL  Instructor: Ricardo Rieppi, Ph.D
3 Contact Hours
FEE: $65
330 West 58th Street, #404 (between 8th& 9thAvenues)
info@mitpp.org     Website: www.MITPP.org

Money is among the most emotionally charged subjects in contemporary life and in the psychoanalytic consultation room, with multiple meanings that are suffused with conscious and unconscious associations to power, security, self-worth, and love.  These unconscious meanings in turn affect unconscious motivations that clash with our conscious striving and subsequently create problematic money symptoms, such as compulsive shopping, which can be seen as attempts to amend a missed or derailed developmental need.  A comprehensive and extensive exploration of how patients regard and handle money can help us reveal, understand, and resolve our patients’ most powerfully influential attitudes, beliefs, and feelings, as well as provide us with an opportunity to explore deeper issues of developmental arrest and psychic conflict. We will discuss the historical and contemporary psychoanalytic perspectives on money and its use, with a primary focus on central themes that underlie our clinical understanding and treatment of compulsive shopping.  Participants will review psychoanalytic conceptions of money, examine the meaning, clinical process, and psychoanalytic treatment of compulsive shopping, and explore clinical material that illustrates issues related to the treatment of compulsive shopping.  


TUESDAY, June 18, 25, July 2, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM, MITPP 2019 Summer Institute presents:
4.5 Contact Hours 
FEE: $100
275 Central Park West, #1F (between 87th& 88thStreets)
info@mitpp.org     Website: www.MITPP.org

Chronic pain is an increasingly complicated public health concern, particularly in light of today’s opiate crisis. Patients who suffer from physical pain conditions experience isolation, despair, helplessness, hopelessness and frustration, but often have difficulty putting their feelings into words. Most do not seek out therapy as a means of understanding themselves, preferring magical solutions to rid themselves of pain. For this reason, people suffering from chronic pain can often be difficult to engage in treatment. This workshop will explore techniques associated with reaching out to an underserved group of patients. We will approach this population from the vantage of psychoanalysis, time-limited psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and support groups. Participants will be introduced to challenges unique to chronic pain patients, gain an understanding of defenses and resistances presented by chronic pain patients, and gain an understanding of transference, countertransference, projective identification and enactment in the context of working with chronic pain patients.


SATURDAY, JUNE 22, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM, MITPP 2019 Summer Institute presents: THE ASSESSMENT AND TREATMENT OF DEPRESSED ADOLESCENTS, Instructor: William Salton, Ph.D.
3 Contact Hours
FEE: $65
1225 Park Avenue, #1A (between 95th & 96th Streets)
info@mitpp.org     Website: www.MITPP.org

This workshop reviews the diagnosis and treatment of adolescent depression. We will first review the diagnostic criteria and differentiate adolescent depression from adult depression and also from the “normal” difficulties of adolescence. We will then discuss how to assess depression in adolescence and how it may be disguised, along with the consideration of how to assess suicidal potential. Finally, we will examine the various etiologies of adolescent depression from a number of theoretical viewpoints (such as psychodynamic, family-systems, and cognitive) in order to present different treatment strategies. Participants will learn the phenomenology of adolescent depression, and particularly how it differs from depression in adults, learn how to formulate adolescent depression from different schools of thought including psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral, and learn how to integrate treatment methods for adolescent depression. Clinical case examples as well as characters from literature, film, and music will be used to enhance this presentation.

MONDAY, JUNE 24, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM, MITPP 2019 Summer Institute presents: CHILD & ADOLESCENT THERAPY: WORKING WITH OUR PATIENTS’ PARENTS, Instructor: Alexandra Cattaruzza, MS, LP, FIPA
3 Contact Hours
FEE: $65
1133 Broadway, #1120 (between 25th& 26th Streets)
info@mitpp.org     Website: www.MITPP.org

Talking to parents used to be regarded as contrary to analytic technique, sending parents off to their own treatments when their psychopathology or behavior was seen as interfering with the progress of the child. Nowadays we can’t imagine conducting a treatment without the participation of the parent or parents; however, the degree of their involvement varies in accordance to the nature of a child’s difficulties, his or her age and stage of development, and treatment goals. In this workshop we will discuss the history and theoretical foundations of parent work and the appropriateness and suitability for it according to the child’s difficulties. Case material will be presented and participants are encouraged to bring their own material to discuss and process. Students will learn about the history and theoretical foundations of parent work, different types of interventions with parents and the differences in technique according to the stage of development and age of the patient.


MONDAY, JULY 8, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM, MITPP 2019 Summer Institute presents: WHAT CLINICIANS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT LEGAL LIABILITY, Instructor: Jonathan D. Rubin, J.D.
3 Contact Hours  
FEE: $65
120 Broadway (between Pine & Cedar Streets)
info@mitpp.org     Website: www.MITPP.org

This presentation will provide an overview of the many malpractice litigation risks faced by psychiatrists, psychologists, psychoanalysts/therapists and social workers in New York State. He will also discuss some of the tools and protections available to mental healthcare providers to help reduce the risk of litigation and to mitigate liability.  This workshop will provide an overview of malpractice claims against mental health providers, highlight common risks in the practice, and outline means to protect providers and their practice. Topics will include record keeping, confidentiality and privilege, the duty to protect third parties from a dangerous patient, terminating treatment of a patient, informed consent, and improper relationships with a client. This workshop is designed to help attendees understand the different kinds of malpractice litigation risks to mental health providers, what some of the most important best practices for avoiding liability are, and the tools and protections available to help reduce the risk of litigation.  


SATURDAY, JULY 13, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM,  MITPP 2019 Summer Institute presents: TOO MUCH PAIN: WORKING WITH TRAUMATIZED CHILDREN, Instructor: Jill Bellinson, Ph.D.
3 Contact Hours 
FEE: $65
170 West End Avenue, #1K (between 68th& 69thStreets)
info@mitpp.org     Website: www.MITPP.org

Even for seasoned child therapists, children who’ve experienced significant early trauma present a challenge. They don’t play as freely as less impacted children — they may not be able to play at all. They respond dramatically to attention, limits, and separation, and they may be triggered inexplicably by almost anything that happens in the session. As caring therapists, we want to protect them from distress while we know we need to allow them to express their pain. This workshop will present the conundrum that arises in working with severely traumatized children — how to recognize it, how to understand it, and how to work with it. After a general introduction to concepts of early trauma and its effects on young children, it will examine case examples of children in treatment, both the instructor’s and the participants.  At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to identify three signs of early trauma that appear in the play of young children, modify their therapeutic stance so that children bring their distress to their therapists rather than hide it and describe interventions that are supportive of trauma survivors’ psychological healing.Note: this workshop is limited to those who are currently working with children in ongoing play therapy and who have active clinical examples to bring to the group. 


3 Contact Hours   
FEE: $65
116 WEST 23rd  Street, 5thFloor, Conference Room #1 (between 6th& 7thAvenues)
info@mitpp.org     Website: www.MITPP.org

The focus will be helping to pave the way for those starting out in private practice and will include: Assessing needs for office space and finding an office, practical matters concerning licensing and managing your records (clinical and financial), determining whether or not to participate on managed care panels, how to fill out insurance forms and submit to insurance companies for payment, practical information about insurance (what is a deductible, coinsurance vs. copay, etc.), issues in fee setting, advertising, marketing, developing a referral network, HIPAA (Privacy Law) requirements, licensing restrictions, and developing collegial and supervisory supports. The clinical dimensions that arise around these issues will also be raised (frequency of sessions, payments for missed appointments, telephone sessions, and other such matters). Clinical dimensions that arise around the issues of opening your private practice will be discussed. Participants will learn how to go from passing your LCSW exam to opening the door to your private practice and how to fill out insurance forms and other useful information about the ins and outs of taking insurance.


Thursday, October 17 - 19, 2019, IFPE presents BORDERS, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Call for Presentations Deadline is May 1st. http://www.ifpe.org/2019-ifpe-conferencE