2019 IFPE Board of Directors

CO-PRESIDENTS      Laurence Green & Christina Griffin

PAST PRESIDENT   Farrell Silverberg

SECRETARY    Jay Swanson

  TREASURER    Manuel Marquez

PARLIAMENTARIAN   Douglas F. Maxwell


Samoan Barish
Susan Burland
Elisabeth Crim
Johanna Cuevas
Agnieszka Gozlan
Ruth Lijtmaer
Joel Miller
Rachel Newcombe
Bryan K. Nichols
Arthur Pomponio




Samoan Barish


Manuel Marquez

Gender, Sexuality and Psychoanalysis

Oren Gozlan

History of Psychoanalysis

Billy Brennan & Christina Griffin

Inclusiveness and Diversity

Oren Gozlan & Ruth Lijtmaer


Arthur Pomponio

Nominations and Elections

Douglas F. Maxwell

Other/Wise online journal

Farrell Silverberg

Psychoanalysis and Spirituality

Elisabeth Crim


Elisabeth Crim

Social Media Advisory

Douglas F. Maxwell

Social Responsibility and Ethics

Ruth Lijtmaer & Farrell Silverberg

Trauma and Resilience

Johanna Cuevas



Lois Ehrlich


IFPE's Presidents

2019 Co-presidents:

Laurence green and christina griffin

Laurence Green, Psy.D., LCSW, has been a member of IFPE since 2001. He has co-chaired two IFPE conferences and been on the board a total of 10 years. He is a training and supervising psychoanalyst at the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis. He has published articles in the Clinical Social Work Journal and the IFPE online journal Other/Wise. 

Christina R. Griffin, Ph.D., Psy.D. , has been a member of IFPE since 2006 and has co-chaired one IFPE conference. She is a Psychoanalyst and Clinical Psychologist in private practice.  She is a Supervising and Training Analyst at the Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis.   For Pacifica Graduate Institute, she is a Graduate Supervisor and Adjunct Faculty member in the Clinical Psychology Doctorate Program.  Her writing interests are in the cultural and relational aspects of psychoanalytic history from past to present. 


Past Presidents

2014-2017  Farrell Silverberg, Ph.D.  2016 Presidential Address  2015 Presidential Address
2012-2013  Judith E. Vida, M.D.

2008-2011 Douglas F. Maxwell, L.P., N.C.Psy.A - 2008 Presidential Address

2007 David L. Downing, Psy.D.

2005-2006  Judith E. Vida M.D. - 2005 Presidential Address    2006 Presidential Address

2003-2004  Harold B. Davis Ph.D.

2002  Gerald J. Gargiulo, M.A.

2000-2001  Michael Guy Thompson, Ph.D.

1998-1999  Patrick B. Kavanaugh, Ph.D.

1997  Gerald J. Gargiulo, M.A.

1996  Marvin Hyman, Ph.D.

1995  Stephen Friedlander, Ph.D.

1994  Marga Speicher, M.S.W., Ph.D.

1993  James Barron, Ph.D.